Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3D printing at KGI

This blog is intended to document the 3D printing-related research and teaching efforts at KGI, for the benefit of other researchers, members of the KGI community (past, present and future), and for the general public. It is inspired by (and modeled on) the student research blogs at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, led by Prof. Jordan Miller of Rice University.

3D printing has been used for many years at KGI. We own a Stratasys Dimension SST 768, an FDM additive manufacturing device that uses ABS plastic. Located near our conventional machine tools, the Dimension is used for research projects (notably in the Niemz Lab) and in ALS 425, the product development elective. The printer (and product design efforts more generally) are led by Dr. Anna Hickerson.

A new student 3D Printing Club was organized in Fall 2013 by four MBS students: Andrew Barajas  '14, Kevin Kim '14, Paul Schuber '15 and Leeor Zilbermintz '14. KGI is acquiring additional 3D printers for student use, and the club members have launched an independent research project in Spring 2014 (which will be the subject of future blog postings).

The independent research project is being supervised by Dr. Hickerson and Prof. Joel West, professor of innovation & entrepreneurship for the business programs at KGI. Prof. West has recently been researching the history of the 3D printing industry, with a focus on the entrepreneurial entry of new firms to create and grow the industry.

Stay tuned for more information on 3D printing activities at KGI.